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Yangzhou Guoxing won the Golden Bull Award in the "Jiangdu Cup" Shanghai Division
Author: Click :8717 Date: 2021-03-09

On August 31, the "Jiangdu Cup" Smart City Smart Manufacturing Entrepreneurship Competition Shanghai Division Trial was successfully concluded at the Oriental Pearl Conference Center.

The Entrepreneurship Competition focuses on areas such as smart cities, smart manufacturing, medical equipment, automotive electronics, energy conservation and environmental protection, and aims to attract more high-level entrepreneurial talents and technology-based enterprises to Jiangdu.

The competition was hosted by the Jiangdu District Committee of Yangzhou City and the People's Government of Jiangdu District; the Organization Department of Jiangdu District Committee, the Economic Development Zone of Jiangdu District, Jiangsu Province, and Aizuotou; Jiangdu District Science and Technology Bureau, Jiangdu District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Jiangdu District Industry and Information Technology Bureau Bureau, Yangzhou Longchuan Holding Group Co., Ltd., Keling Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Fudan University Makers Ecological Research Center, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Alumni Association Entrepreneur Club, New Site, Hongtai Fund, Qiyi Think Tank, Liuchen Chuang Investment, 51 Roadshow, and Yangzhou City Government Investment Fund provide event support.

Speech by Zhao Lei, Deputy Mayor of Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City

At the beginning of the event, Zhao Lei, deputy head of Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, delivered a speech. He said that Jiangdu was ranked 35th among the top 100 districts in the country and was in the middle of Yangzhou and Taizhou. In 2018, GDP 107 billion, household savings 107 billion, industrial invoice sales 102 billion, and construction industry operating income exceeded 100 billion. It is a land of prosperity and business, and welcomes all entrepreneurs and high-level entrepreneurial talents to settle in Jiangdu.

Then, 15 projects that stood out from the mid-levels of more than 3,000 projects registered in the Shanghai competition area were selected for roadshows. Through the 8-minute roadshow, each project has a good display of technology, industrial innovation, technical talents and corporate profit models. In these 15 projects, the entrepreneurial team consists of 34 doctors, 42 masters, and 20 overseas returnees. They are an out-and-out high-level entrepreneurial group of talents.

The following are the finalists in the Shanghai competition:

Immersion liquid cooling project

Wifi Eyes wireless intelligent perception system

Extremely burning dual-core high-performance fuel-saving and emission-reducing automobile spark plug

Intelligent and driverless car position and motion perception

Multi-sensor fusion intelligent sleep

Intelligent mobile inclusive robot

Electric motorcycle frequency conversion

Horizontal continuous plasma glue removal and black air system

Good cost

Readable and traceable intelligent medical diagnosis system and equipment

Jinli AI Robot

Xixiaoque Intelligent Rice Mill

Dangerous goods logistics safe operation solution

Bio-smart bracelet based on sweat detection

New devices for brain-computer interaction

Love to vote for Xu Wenwei Comments

Through the four-hour roadshow, the judges scored the entries through the mobile phone applet technology, and based on the scores, the ranking was fair and open. Xu Wenwei, the founder of Aijutou, made wonderful comments on 15 participating projects.

"Golden Bull Award" winning projects

"Dark Horse Award" winning projects

"White Horse Award" winning projects

After intense and orderly calculation work, a total of 5 "Golden Bull Awards", 5 "Dark Horse Awards" and 5 "White Horse Awards" were selected in this competition.

"Golden Bull Award" award-winning projects: horizontal continuous plasma degumming and black air system, multi-sensor fusion intelligent sleep, intelligent mobile inclusive robot, electric motorcycle frequency conversion, polar combustion dual-core high-performance fuel-saving and emission-reducing automobile spark plug, by Yangzhou Li Bin, deputy head of Jiangdu District, presented the award.

"Dark Horse Award" winning projects: readable and traceable intelligent medical diagnosis system and equipment, immersed liquid heat dissipation project, dangerous goods logistics safe operation solution, bio-smart bracelet based on sweat detection, Wifi Eyes wireless intelligent perception system, by Chen Bin, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiangdu Economic Development Zone, presented the award.

"Baiju Award" award-winning projects: new brain-computer interaction equipment, intelligent and driverless car position and motion perception, Jinli AI robot, good cost, Xixiaoque intelligent rice mill, presented by Wang Xiang, deputy director of the Yangzhou Jiangdu District Examination Office .

The successful holding of the Shanghai Regional Trials marked a good start for the "Jiangdu Cup Smart City Smart Manufacturing Entrepreneurship Competition" and laid a good foundation for the subsequent Hangzhou Division, Harbin Division and the finals.

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