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Plasma cleaning solutions for the automotive industry
Athor:Original Click :9549 Date: 2021-04-12

1. Increase adhesion before spraying, flocking or bonding: In the automobile manufacturing process, when internal and external parts (such as dashboards, bumpers, etc.) use flannel, flocking, PU coating, silicone coating, etc. During the process, the materials of these coating processes are difficult to adhere. Use Guoxing plasma cleaner to pre-treat the surface, remove manufacturing residues or silicone residues, and enhance surface energy, so as to ensure the long-term stability, flocking or adhesion and reliability of the parts after spraying. 2. Power system, engine control seals: The quality of any seal depends on the cleanliness of the contact surface. Plasma cleaning technology is applied to these key areas to ensure effective and high-precision pretreatment of the material target area. For more durable and corrosion-resistant bonding and sealing, Guoxing plasma cleaning process is an ideal choice 3. Adhesion and welding of ignition coil: After Guoxing plasma treatment, the ignition coil skeleton can not only remove the hard-to-volatile grease on the surface, but also greatly improve the surface activity of the skeleton, that is, increase the bonding strength of the skeleton and the epoxy resin. The generation of air bubbles is avoided, and the welding strength of the contact between the enameled wire and the winding skeleton is improved at the same time. As a result, the performance of the ignition coil in each link of the production process has been significantly improved, and the reliability and service life have also been improved.


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